I was under a lot of pressure at work. I felt unwell with a tight chest and high heart beat. Working with Dominique I already started to feel a difference after 3-4 sessions. My breathing started to be more calm and my body was more relaxed before going to work. I recommend anyone with similar problems to give it a try.

—Oliver, Individual Sessions


“Around six months ago, as a mother (of two teens and a pre-teen) training for a new career, I was feeling an inexorably rising level of stress that was compounded by the sense that there was little I could do to remedy the situation… This is when I met Dominique and, session after session, I have felt a growing sense of calm and feeling more in tune with my emotions. After each session, the sense of well being and (reactivated) energy lasted for days. Sophrology has boosted my level of confidence, harmony and trust in my projects to come.  Finally, I even suggested a session to my 15 year old son to help him with his tennis performance! Not only did he try it but also found it extremely helpful!”

Astrid, Individual and Group sessions, 2018

“I have attended group classes as well as one-to-one sophrology sessions with Dominique and I find the approach a powerful way to relax and de-stress. Dominique is a very experienced teacher and a very thoughtful facilitator. She has a lovely manner and listens to your specific goals and then tailors the practice to meet your individual needs. I had not heard of sophrology before meeting Dominique but having tried it, I now consider it a wonderful method to help anyone navigate life’s challenges. I highly recommend Dominique and I’m confident that attending one of her sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, inspired and wanting to learn more.”

Jane, Individual and Group sessions, 2018

“I find too that how ever often you repeat the practices it is always different and there is always more to learn…”

Catherine, Group Sessions, 2017

“A few weeks ago, I was invited into the 58 South Molton Street Well Being Centre in the heart of London (South Molton Street! Lol) to experience an incredible BeSophro session with Dominique Antiglio.  Now, I wasn’t really sure what to expect despite peeping on the website beforehand, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the session was a bit like an extra special meditation experience that focuses on specific aspects of your life that you want to work on.  This could be anything from work to family!”

“With a focus on the future rather than the past, this was basically my perfect well-being moment!  I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes the idea of meditation and mindfulness, but wants to take it to the next level.  I meditate, but this was more than I could ever achieve on my own and I am thoroughly looking forward to heading back for more peace and focus!”.

Katie, 1 to 1 session, 2017

“Thank you so much for a wonderfully calming and productive session. I’ve been dabbling in meditation now for a while and that’s by far the most I’ve ever got out of a session. My partner and I came out of your office feeling incredibly calm, relaxed and positive. We’ll be coming back even though it’s quite a long journey for us, the benefits far outweigh the effort of getting there”.
Steven, birth preparation class, 2016

“Empowering! I really feel it gives a toolbox to deal with things to reall take the power back”.
Anne-S, Individual Sessions, 2016

“It is much easier to reach ‘inner resources’ than it initially seems”.
Student at Richmond College, 2015

“I was lucky to cross Dominique’s path before my second IVF. Thanks to her support with Sophrology, my second IVF’s experience felt far more serene. I highly recommend her; her approach is gentle, she really listens, and she will guide you through some excellent Sophrology practices”
A., individual session for IVF support, 2016

“It has helped me fall asleep quicker. After the class I feel calmer, positive and awake and sometimes really pro-active.”
Relax, Let go and Thrive participant, April 2015

“Great ideas – no judgement, feeling your tension, acknowledging it and letting it go. Also the lovely atmosphere of the sessions. I like how you can be private or share. No pressure.”
Relax, Let go and Thrive participant, April 2015

“I’ve been experimenting with several relaxation/meditation styles and this has helped me understand new techniques and been an interesting expansion.”
Corporate group participant at Innocent, 2015

“It has been brilliant to receive Dominique’s visit at work every week and create space to relax, listen to our bodies and visualise positive outcomes. I have really enjoyed learning a new skill with other people and being able to practise at work and outside work. I have seen real benefits from feeling more present to sleeping better. I would definitely recommend Sophrology classes with Dominique to any business.”
Corporate group participant at Innocent, 2015

“Sophrology should be made a part of any company’s learning and development strategy. Less anxious/stressed employees will mean a happier employer. Dominique is a star and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Corporate group participant at Innocent, 2015

“Doing the Sophrology class once a week after work really helped me become more aware of my tension and stress and learn simple ways to handle them better. Dominique has such a calm way that really adds to the whole experience.”
Corporate group participant at Innocent, 2015

“I discovered various relaxation techniques to help in times of stress. I felt calm and peaceful.”
Student at Richmond upon Thames College, 2015

“I really enjoyed the relaxation method that put us into the Sophroliminal state. I realised that I can easily calm myself down or re-energise myself without having to sleep or take a long break.”
Student at Richmond upon Thames College, 2015

“Until I met Dominique, I never really knew what Sophrology was, I was always stressed with the ups and downs of London and was finding it difficult to cope. Dominique introduced me to Sophrology and it all seemed to go away. After each session, I found myself moving forward, the stress slowly slipping away. The techniques I learnt were great and I still use them today. Dominique’s expertise and passion for Sophrology were definitely elements that helped me. I would definitely recommend BeSophro.”
Aaron S., Individual sessions stress-management, 2015

“Angelique and Dominique are a powerful duo and work together in perfect synergy. The combination of expertise in Nutrition and Sophrology gave me a much deeper and more rounded understanding of the impacts of stress on my mind and body. Plus they gave me practical tools to help me take charge. It was an incredibly useful workshop which I’d recommend to anyone.”
Forget Stress workshop, Lauren Armes, WelltodoLondon, 2014

“I thought I knew my body, my mind, and my breathing but after just one session of Sophrology with Dominique I was able to connect with them like never before. The session brought me a sense of connectedness to the here and now; calm and peacefulness descended over me. Dominique has a wonderful way of describing simply and clearly what to do and what is happening at all stages of her guided sessions. She is a clear expression of what she is guiding others to be. Thank you Dominique. I will be returning to explore the full richness of Sophrology.”
Andrew A., Individual Sessions, 2012

‘I invited Dominique to Richmond-upon-Thames College last year and due to the success of the Taster day I invited her back in 2015. The goal of the session was to introduce 16-18 year old students to the beliefs and practice involved in Sophrology. Though apprehensive at first, all students began to let ‘themselves go’ through the breathing and visualisation techniques. Dominique was able to guide them through the process with amazing results. Boisterous and energetic students were able to relax and focus their attention on an activity many found strange and alien….at first!

The Taster day proved to be a huge success with students reporting that they felt more calm and confident. In addition, the theoretical background provided by Dominique enabled the students to develop a more academic appreciation of the beliefs involved. This will prove useful when answering their exam questions in the summer on spiritual belief in society. Overall, Dominique has a clear and concise manner to her delivery and is highly professional. Highly recommended! Thanks again Team Sophrology. ‘
Michael, Sociology Lecturer, Taster Day at Richmond-upon-Thames College, 2015

“A friend recommended a Sophrology workshop organized by Dominique. I was surprised to feel the benefits so soon and so clearly: less stress, much more energy and generally more well-being. Last year, when I started to experience huge anxiety and burn out, I turned to Sophrology again. I was off work, couldn’t sleep, and having panic attacks. In only a few sessions, I started to sleep again, and the panic attacks became less frequent and then disappeared. Sophrology is a very gentle and non-intrusive approach. It helped me get rid of my symptoms, understand why I felt bad and taught me not to be a victim. They are personalized and simple tools that can be practiced alone. With regular practice one can feel increasing benefits. I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel, and I am infinitely grateful to Dominique. Without her and Sophrology I don’t know where I would be today.”
Marine L., Individual Sessions anxiety and burn out, 2014

“Using Dominique’s gentle breathing and relaxation techniques, I found myself able to relax more easily and rapidly, as well as enjoying improved sleep patterns. Sophrology helps to achieve harmony for the body, mind and soul and Dominique’s gentle manner and genuine interest in her clients makes her classes very enjoyable. I left each session feeling calm and refreshed and better able to face life’s challenges. Thank you Dominique!”
Paula F., Group Sessions, 2012

“I attended several sessions with Dominique during the late stages of my pregnancy which helped me enormously with birth preparation physically, mentally and emotionally. Through the breathing exercises and gentle movements I was able to visualise a positive birth experience and overcome the fears of childbirth that were looming in the back of my mind. The techniques are simple and easy to use in everyday life, and with practice I am now able to identify tensions in my body, release them and calm myself into a totally relaxed state of being.”
Maria D., Group Sessions birth preparation, 2013

“I have seen Dominique for 5 sessions for help with post traumatic stress symptoms following a long term illness. The relaxation exercises and visualisations were easy, yet I feel they have had quite a profound effect, on both a physical and an emotional level. I already feel calmer and more positive about the future. Dominique is very knowledgeable, warm and friendly and the sessions are very relaxed. I look forward to continuing working with her.”
Catherine, Individual Sessions post traumatic stress, 2013

“The sessions left me feeling relaxed and calmer. Dominique’s feedback was intelligent and very perceptive. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Tony N., Individual Sessions, 2013

“I feel a new adventure is coming for me with Sophrology and I’m quite impatient to start level 1. Definitively the taster was tasty”
Karine B., Sophrology Taster, 2013

“It was a real pleasure to be introduced to Sophrology by Dominique. She is a passionate, caring and talented coach. I am very glad our paths crossed, as I am sure Sophrology can naturally help me achieve a stronger and deeper balance and fully develop my potential.”
Stefania C., Sophrology Taster, 2013

“I attended the five week Sophrology course and learnt many new techniques for relaxation and stress relief which I am using on a daily basis. The techniques are very easy to learn and very effective and some of them can be utilised anywhere. Dominique is a very good teacher and her calm demeanour and clear explanations made a really interesting and relaxing class. I definitely recommend trying out sophrology with Dominique.”
Manjeet S., Group Class stress relief, 2012

“I used to really worry, over-think and be stressed about exams and work. This could often lead to nausea and an inability to focus on anything else but the problem or anxiety I was confronted with. With Dominique I learnt to control my nerves and centre myself. Now instead of feeling dizzy from worrying about everything, I feel more whole as a person and far more confident. It really is amazing how Sophrology can change the way you think and feel and encourage you to take a more relaxed approach. I’m currently studying at university and I have no doubt that Sophrology will enable me to be more efficient and less stressed. I highly recommend these sessions – they really work!”
Emily M., Student, Individual Sessions exam preparation, 2012

“I would highly recommend a BeSophro session with Dominique. Her voice is so calm and the sensations she enables within you are magical – a must for everyone to experience.”
Anna C., Sophrology Taster, 2013

“I thank you very much because Sophrology has helped me in let go and learning to follow my deepest desires.”
Tania B., Sessions en groupe 2013





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