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Our BeSophro clinic is a professional, friendly and positive place where we have a lot of experience in supporting people through some of the harder times in life, which could perhaps be related to stress, sleep, anxiety, life changes, preparing for birth, big events at work or in your life. Sophrology offers a wide range of tools and strategies to restore balance, feel more in control and access your inner resources. Our sessions are highly tailored to individual needs including a personalised recording of the practice to take home. They are available in English or French.

The clinic is based at 58 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London. We also offer Skype sessions if you can’t come in person. Get in touch with us and speak to one of our qualified Sophrologist’s, Dominique Antiglio and Sophie McGrath, to discuss your specific needs.

Groups & Corporate
Being empowered, together

BeSophro offers a number of sessions for all types of groups.

Our groups are an ideal way to generate a real sense of change and improvement as well as offering a friendly environment to practice. Dominique and Sophie offer a wide range of opportunities – whether you’re interested in a 50 minute Taster session, a Sunday morning workshop, a regular class or perhaps a retreat. Have a look at our upcoming events here.

We also hold private group sessions by appointment which are for established groups of people with shared interests and who want to experience the benefits of Sophrology, perhaps to prepare for a special event (athletes, mums, artists, charities, students, teaching or medical staff etc..).

Are you a Company? At BeSophro we also have developed a wide range of Sophrology programmes to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of corporate life. Our sessions are practical, positive and engaging. Please watch the video to see what our client, the firm Innocent, says about what we did together.

Please get in touch to tell us about your specific needs and goals so that we can tailor sessions for you.

Sophrology is the latest wellness trend busting your stress one breathing technique at a time. Sophrology is big news in the wellness world.

I found Sophrology very valuable and easy to integrate in my life. It really improved my sleep and centred me which is what I needed.

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Online training
Launching later in 2018

Dominique will soon guide you through a 21 day journey with Sophrology. Once you have read the book and completed the complementary audio sessions, this is a step further into the practice of Sophrology. The course will include videos, worksheets, and guided audios.

Dominique is looking forward to making Sophrology available to a much wider audience with these programmes. In the interim, please have a look at purchasing her book on Amazon to learn more about the practice of Sophrology.

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