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In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, this comprehensive guide on the practice of Sophrology will help you access your inner resources and transform the way you deal with your daily life.

Dominique also shares how Sophrology has helped her on her own wellbeing journey, as well as her experience as a therapist.

The book includes case studies, practical exercises, on-the-go exercises as well as a Sophrology practice audio guide. Follow Dominique’s daily 10-minute programme to discover the secret ‘superpower’ of Sophrology and find energy, purpose and serenity.

“I didn’t know about Sophrology and saw an article in the press about Dominique’s work. I decided to buy the book as I sometimes feel stressed. The book is inspiring and simple to read. The audio download are great too. Sophrology is really enjoyable. After just 5 days of practice I already feel a change in my body and mind, feeling more focused and more energetic. Highly recommend it!”  – Fred, Amazon Review.

To access the guided teachings referenced in my book simply click the audio link below.

Online training
Launching later in 2019

Dominique will soon guide you through a new journey with Sophrology. Once you have read the book and completed the complementary audio sessions, this is a step further into the practice of Sophrology. The course will include videos, worksheets, and guided audios.

Dominique is looking forward to making Sophrology available to a much wider audience with these programmes. In the interim, please have a look at purchasing her book on Amazon to learn more about the practice of Sophrology.

This book is amazing, thoroughly recommend. I have been lucky enough to attend some of Dominique’s sessions and they were incredible, I am so pleased to now have her book to take me back to that calm place whenever I need it.

Getting your book has been a wonderful experience for me. As someone who tends to get anxious an worried, I find the techniques so practical, effective and enriching.

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