Dominique has given me some excellent strategies for dealing with a very busy and sometimes stressful business life. Her practical approach means I feel well-equipped to tackle the challenge of running my own business. My first session with Dominique made me feel more relaxed than I can remember feeling in a very long time.

—Michelle P., Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Working one-to-one is the ideal way to address specific concerns (physical or emotional) in a therapeutic context. Individual sessions can also be very useful to prepare for a particular event, helping you feel calmer and more able to cope. Individual sessions are quicker to address such issues than group sessions as they are closely tailored to suit your needs. Dominique combines Sophrology and her therapeutic skills and experience, to create a unique solution designed for you.

BeSophro individual sessions are available in English or in French. They take place in the highly comfortable surroundings of 58 South Molton Street (near Bond Street tube station – see Contact page).


Dominique will provide you with a safe space, where you can share with her why you have come to see her, and she will ask a few simple questions about your health and lifestyle. She will explain how Sophrology can support your specific situation. Dominique will then guide you into a state of dynamic relaxation where your body feels relaxed yet your mind remains fully alert. In this enjoyable state, specific breathing exercises, visualisation, gentle movement and guided meditation will then be added to access your inner resources.

As the session ends Dominique will encourage you to describe how you experienced it and she will discuss exercises and approaches to take away with you. She will also provide you with a recording of the guided practice done during the session, so that you can continue your practice in between sessions. Sessions last an hour.

Cancellations: If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment/session full payment is required.

Why not arrange a session? If you would like to find out more Dominique will be happy to answer your questions. Do get in touch.


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