It was an experience that has helped me significantly through a very transformative time and supported me in finding a more balanced centre to ground myself in, and a more focused direction to move myself towards.

—Paola C., Individual Sessions

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Self Development

How can BeSophro help your self development?

BeSophro offers tools and strategies to help you deal positively with life’s challenges and reach a new state of balance and serenity. Whether your issue is physical or emotional, about work or family, BeSophro provides a safe space for you to express yourself, reflect and define your needs.

Dominique will guide you through a combination of breathing exercises, relaxation and visualisation techniques, gentle body movements and meditations carefully tailored for you.

She will show you how to tap into your inner resources, making you more in tune with your needs, emotions and personal values. Benefit from her experience, warmth and relaxed approach to become the great person you already are.

  • Improve self-image
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Reinforce positive thoughts and attitudes
  • Adapt to change
  • Deal well with relationships
  • Manage work/life balance
  • Find more meaning in your life
  • Develop your personal values
  • Relax and feel happy
  • Develop your talents

These methods can be easily repeated in your daily life – at work or at home. Even if you have no immediate pressing problems, regular practice will benefit mind, body and soul, nourishing your journey of self-discovery and increasing your sense of well being.

Dominique will give you a recording of your tailored session for practice at home. This makes the learning more effective so it is easier to build on that knowledge at the next session.

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