By the end of last year I felt mentally exhausted and completely run down. Then I heard of Sophrology and decided to try it. Dominique is a fantastic therapist and a genuine caring professional. I was in expert hands from the very beginning. I am now ready to face anything that comes my way.

—Beatriz G-M., Individual Sessions

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Stress Management

How can BeSophro help you overcome stress?

Modern life, work and relationships can bring a wide range of difficulties, sometimes leaving us feeling overwhelmed, out of control and unable to cope. BeSophro’s mind-body approach, using Sophrology can target many aspects of stress. Discover and be guided through simple and efficient methods to help you develop your inner resources and restore a better balance to your daily life.

Being physically more relaxed and emotionally more positive can help you better deal with:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Anger and mood swings
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Tension
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Weight issues
  • Burn out
  • Depression
  • Lack of focus

Understanding the time pressures you are likely to be under, Dominique will guide you through some simple techniques that can quickly make a difference: breathing, relaxation and visualisation, gentle body movements, and guided meditations. These techniques can be practised at home or at work; just 10 minutes a day can bring lots of positive changes. You should feel calmer, more rested, more empowered and energised. Experiencing greater focus and clarity in your daily life can help you achieve your goals.

BeSophro can also help you prepare for life’s events. Learn simple techniques to deal with each stage of the preparation, overcome your fears and embrace the positives. Make sure you are physically and mentally confident on the day, whatever the event:

  • Exams, job interviews
  • Driving tests
  • Public speaking and meetings
  • Stage performances
  • Surgery, medical treatment
  • Sport competitions
  • Weddings and other celebrations

Dominique has personal experience of preparing for major events and helping people who face significant challenges. Her empathetic approach and ability to tailor the right tools and techniques to address each individual situation will enable you to perform to your true potential.

Dominique’s individual sessions are ideal for dealing with stress. Her therapeutic skills, deep understanding of the link between body and mind, and ability to connect means she can really appreciate how particular issues are affecting you, and select the right tools and techniques to help you resolve them.

Dominque will give you a recording of your tailored session for practice at home. This makes the learning more effective so it is easier to build on that knowledge at the next session.

Sophrology is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it is a precious, complementary method that can really make a difference.

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