In a few sessions, I learned how to relax and reprogram myself to be calm and confident again. I had always been terrified to give birth but thanks to the work done with Dominique, I awaited this moment with serenity. I will always have a very good memory of giving birth. Sophrology has also helps me to deal with the lack of sleep during those first months.

—Elizabeth B., Individual Sessions

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Birth Preparation

How can BeSophro help birth preparation?

Pregnancy is a very special time of life. BeSophro aims to empower you to enjoy your pregnancy, feel more confident about your delivery, help you deal with the conflicting demands of work and family, and become the mother you want to be.

Dominique previously practised for many years as an Osteopath specializing in treating pregnant women and babies. Dominique understands the emotional and physical pressures which pregnancy can bring, as well as how mind and body can best be prepared to give birth. She will fully appreciate any medical advice you are receiving and thoughtfully complement it with Sophrology.

Sophrology is a simple technique. It can help you prepare for birth by enabling you to access your inner resources, reinforcing confidence and positivity. It can help you embrace the experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood according to your personal values.

BeSophro can accompany you – before, during and after pregnancy:

  • Deal better with stress. Find the space to reflect, discuss your concerns and prepare for motherhood
  • Learn to relax and better cope with sleep disturbance, tension and tiredness
  • Positively connect with your body
  • Start bonding with your baby
  • Feel more confident and learn techniques to prepare for the possibility of medical interventions
  • Mentally prepare for the big day (and all eventualities, whether a natural or medically-assisted birth) learning positive visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques, so you feel calm and in control
  • Once your baby is here, bond with your baby (who can also be present during the sessions) and adapt positively to your new life. Use Sophrology to aid better sleep
  • Let Sophrology support you through the possible ups and downs of IVF and help you build resilience.

Dominque will give you a recording of your tailored session for practice at home. This makes the learning more effective so it is easier to build on that knowledge at the next session.

Dominique also has a trusted network of complementary (nutrition, osteopathy, acupuncture) and medical experts she can collaborate with to assist you further.

This gentle and powerful approach provides a great support to future parents – both mums and dads – allowing what can be a challenging experience for some to become an enriching journey of positive self-discovery.

Find out more about BeSophro’s special packages on birth preparation here.

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