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Sophrology has given me a powerful way to show up in my life. I hope it does the same for you.

I created BeSophro in 2011, after moving to London from my native country, Switzerland with the intention to support people with Sophrology. Not only had it helped me so much in my personal life and health since I was 15 years old (you can read more about that in my book), but I had witnessed so many positive changes in my clients’ life after guiding them into its practice. I couldn’t believe that Sophrology hadn’t yet reached the UK more widely yet, so alongside running my practice in London, I became a passionate advocate of its benefits.

I find Sophrology very well suited for today’s world and I deeply believe it is a skill everyone should be taught at some point. I work with clients from varied backgrounds – from stressed CEO’s, to pregnant mums-to-be, young students struggling with sleep or exams – I also work with schools, companies or specific groups looking for a way to cope with stress or empower them to the next level of success.

“My first hour-session of Sophrology, honestly felt life-changing. I started to understand the mind-body connection through a series of relaxation exercises and immediately felt more positive and energised, even more so after a week of following just 10 minutes a day of practice.” – Excerpt from my book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology

My former career was in Osteopathy – I ran a successful private practice and it made me realise that most of our physical pain is often rooted in a struggle to cope with a particular life situation. On question of why I left my Osteopathy career to focus on Sophrology, I will say that ‘my hands had finished their work’ and that I wanted to help more people on a path to healing and transformation using the powerful mind-body connection.

I was fortunate to train with the Founder of Sophrology, Alfonso Caycedo, gaining my Master in Caycedian Sophrology in 2006. My other qualifications include a Bachelor in Osteopathy BSC(Hons)Ost in 2001 – from the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, as well as a Holistic Voice and Sound Diploma, gained in 2012.

I now continue to enjoy living in London, running my practice both in Mayfair and online, as well as looking after my precious family.

Find out more about me and my journey with Sophrology in my new book, The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology.

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“I very much hope you enjoy reading my book and gain the benefits from practising Sophrology.”

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I like Antiglio. She is a calming presence….. The practice has a growing army of fans, including the French tennis player Yannick Noah, the France rugby union team and the businesswoman Arianna Huffington.

Dominique is a skilled and experienced practitioner with a wealth of knowledge of Sophrology and its therapeutic qualities, rare to be found in the UK complementary health industry. I recommend anyone interested in a different approach to body-mind work should contact Dominique.

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