Sophrology has changed the way I live my life. It continues to give me precious tools for my own developmental path and has inspired me to use it professionally to help others. I feel very privileged to be able to work in that way, to witness the uniqueness of every individual and how best to support them in finding what they are looking for.

—Dominique Antiglio, Sophrology Therapist and Bsc(Hons)Ost

About BeSophro

BeSophro has been created by Dominique Antiglio, one of the UK’s leading Sophrologists. BeSophro provides a unique offering, combining Sophrology with Dominique’s in-depth therapeutic experience, broad understanding of health, and her specialism in stress-management and birth preparation.

Dominique’s former career was in Osteopathy where she specialised in the treatment of babies and pregnant women. She had a private practice for 12 years in Switzerland, where she grew up.
Dominique constantly enriches her Sophrology practice by learning about other approaches, more recently Sound Therapy and Nonviolent communication.

With Sophrology, she offers a unique approach to self-development through body and mind, making the art of transformation accessible to all, through a gradual and safe process. BeSophro means, ‘To be in a state of balance and harmony’; it is about being content and happy in our daily lives – something we all aspire to.

In her native Switzerland, Dominique discovered Sophrology at an early age. She arrived in London in 2011 where she now enjoys sharing her passion for Sophrology. She works with individual clients and guides group sessions, particularly in the corporate world.

Dominique’s work has been featured in The Telegraph, Grazia and Psychologies magazines. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.



Meet Dominique


During my osteopathic career I realised that most of my clients’ physical pains were rooted in their struggle to cope with a particular life situation. I saw how personal development, especially using the mind-body connection, could genuinely help people on their path of healing and transformation.

Having explored and used different complementary approaches, I found Sophrology best suited to today’s world. I was fortunate to have come across Sophrology early in life and was privileged to be trained by its founder, Dr. Caycedo. The Sophrology I practise and teach is deeply rooted in that Caycedian approach and is constantly evolving. To me, the beauty of Sophrology lies in its simplicity and adaptability.

I created BeSophro to inspire and help people on their personal journey, by tailoring these methods to suit individuals or groups, using my knowledge of the body, mind, voice and sound. BeSophro promotes a state of harmony, with body, mind and soul in unison, allowing you to be yourself and fulfil your potential.

My intention is to continue sharing what I have been given and help make Sophrology widely available in the UK and beyond – at individual, group and community levels. Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Warmest wishes

Dominique Antiglio
Master in Sophrology, BSc(hons) Ost.


Dominique’s professional training and experience includes:

  • BSc(Hons)Ost from European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, UK (2001)
  • Extensive Post Graduate Osteopathic training internationaly (2002-2010), including cranio-sacral osteopathy with Dr.V.Frymann in the USA, and pregnancy specialisation.
  • Diploma in Caycedian Sophrology from the Académie Suisse de Sophrologie (Swiss Sophrology Academy), Switzerland (2004).
  • Master in Caycedian Sophrology, Sofrocay, Andorra (2006) with Professor Caycedo, the founder of Sophrology.
  • Holistic Voice Therapy practitioner, British Academy of Sound Therapy, UK (2013)
  • Osteopathy and Sophrology practice in Switzerland (2001-2011)
  • Based in London since 2011 with BeSophro practice.
  • Dominique is also the co-founder of The Sophrology Network to promote the practise of Sophrology in London.
  • She created Bloom@58 to offer a holistic approach to maternity care where she enjoys collaborating with other therapists.

Be Inspired. Be You. Be Empowered. Be You. Be Prepared. Be You. Be Relaxed. Be You. Be Confident. Be You.

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