Welcome to a calmer,
& happy you.

Here you will discover how the practice of Sophrology can help strengthen body and mind, create more balance, positivity and wellbeing in your everyday life.

Hi I’m Dominique

I created BeSophro in 2011 to support everyday people with Sophrology. Sophrology is about finding contentment, happiness and feeling inspired in our daily life. Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety, sleep, lack of energy or want to be the best version of yourself , feeling focused, productive and reaching your goals, Sophrology is a modern, easy to learn and deeply empowering practice. Through my book and its audio practice, the soon to be launched online programme, through workshops or a 1 to 1,, this website offers you options to easily start your practice so you too can notice positive changes and access mindful wellbeing.

My life has been positively transformed by Sophrology early on and I was fortunate to train notably with the Founder of Sophrology, Professor Caycedo. I am convinced that the mind body connection can help us access a positive state in our lives and excited to share my experience with you here!

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Sophrology is the latest wellness trend busting your stress one breathing technique at a time. Sophrology is big news in the wellness world.

You’ve heard of mindfulness, now meet its dynamic young cousin sophrology.

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Are your thoughts
limiting your daily potential?

Often we feel overwhelmed and exhausted just by some of the thoughts that go on in our head, let alone dealing with everyday life.

A lot of us find it hard to quiet the mind in order to feel calmer, sleep or meditate. Sophrology with its unique way of combining relaxation, breathing, body awareness exercises and visualisation is designed to help you easily calm your mind, ground yourself in the present and access a sense of wellbeing of mind and body. Also called dynamic relaxation, Sophrology’s simple techniques  allow you to cultivate positivity and build emotional resilience for a wide range of situations notably preparing for important events.

How Sophrology
is helping to change lives.

The practice of Sophrology is very popular in continental Europe since more than 50 years having found recognition in the healthcare, school, corporate and sport environments. It can be tailored for individual needs but also practiced in groups. Sophrology is simple and powerful in helping you access your full potential. Beyond the stress –management , Sophrology is a self-development technique including 12 levels of practice and practising it for just 10 minutes a day will support you in accessing a calmer, empowered and happier you.