I attended the five week Sophrology course and learnt many new techniques for relaxation and stress relief which I am using on a daily basis. The techniques are very easy to learn and some of them can be utilised anywhere. Dominique is a very good teacher, her calm demeanour and clear explanations made a really interesting and relaxing class.

—Manjeet S., Group Class


Here are your next opportunities to participate to BeSophro Open Group sessions or to join us at one of our Events!

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Open Group Classes, Drop In Session
5 dates between May and July, 1pm
Drop-in, Bliss out Open Group Sessions

Whether you’re already a Sophrology pro or you want to try Sophrology for the first time, Dominique from BeSophro invites you to join her Open Group Class. 50 minutes just for yourself during your lunch break will allow you to … Continued


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